Wednesday, June 10, 2009

6/9/09 Tikal and My Last Day in Guatemala

So I spent the past day recharging my batteries. Got the carburator problem fixed (again) at a local spot for 10 bucks (all 4 carbs!), new flip flops, gym, phone calls, watching downloaded movies and getting to bed early. I decide to take a shuttle (still staying off the bike when I don't have to ride) to the Mayan ruins at Tikal as early as possible, at 5 in the morning. Luckily the heat makes it easy to fall into a deep compfortable sleep so getting up is no big deal. I get up, catch the shuttle and am really glad to have gone so early. Almost no people there and the heat and humidity hasn't kicked in. Tikal is pretty amazing, I'll let the pictures do the talking. the first shuttle leaves at 12:30 in the afternnon and I'm on it after having walked around and seen everything for about 5 or 6 hours. Back at the hostel I relax and watch more movies on my computer using the fast internet connection there and prepare mentally for the day ahead. The plan is to get to the Guatemala/Belize border, hopefully cross with no problems (still worrying a bit about overstaying my time allowed and wasting money on fines, bribes, and time), and make it halfway across Belize to the Belize Zoo where I will get a room at a dorm there and spend the next day at the zoo which I have really been looking forwards to since I began this trip. All this depends on the bike however, and I am just hoping it continues to run as well as it has been since I got it fixed AGAIN yesterday. Guatemala has given me a wealth of memories that I'm sure I will remember for my entire life, but at the same time I'm looking forwards to being in a more developed country and the amenities that go with it, speaking English again, and being one step closer to being home.

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