Tuesday, June 2, 2009

6/2/09 Patience......(Mental Jousting With a Junkie)

So I'm still here in Antigua. The kid working on my bike decided not to show up for a couple of days which sucked for me. I'm definitely getting stir crazy and as nice as it is here, I'm really trying to get the fuck out! Finally today I go by the shop and the bike is together and running. Frank is drunk as hell and it makes for an interesting session of back and forth when discussing money and how I'm gonna pay. At first he takes the route of "pay me or you will end up dead like the last 2 guys who didn't pay me." This doesn't sit to well with me and I let him know it. Believe it or not, the vibe is still semi-cordial and I feel like I worked out a pretty good deal for myself. We agreed on $150 total which is incredibly cheap for the work that was done. I give him a third and when he mentions that he has to get to the beach I tell him I'll take him in the morning. My ulterior motives being: a. a 4 hour shakedown ride to make sure I don't break down as soon as I leave town, b. if something does go wrong, Frank who has guaranteed the work done will be with me, and c. an immediate oil change when we get back to get the remaining crud out of the engine. If the bike makes it there and back with no problems I'll pay him the rest and if not, I'll hold on to it until any residual problems are sorted out. As it is, there is a slight vacuum problem with the fuel petcock and I'm gonna need to turn it on and off every time I start and stop the bike. Really, I'll feel lucky to make it back to the States with no major problems and I'm going to have to decide how much more of this trip to complete as far as all of the things I want to see. I've also made it a point to stop by Ariana's shop (the girl who has been accompanying me and giving me advice) to talk to her about this whole ordeal. She has been really nice about the whole thing and offering to help in any way she can. Cute, nice body, sexy voice, damn. I meant what I said before about not trying to start anything new up again but but she is starting to make me think twice! Good thing I don't really have the time or the energy to add more complication to my life right now I think.

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