Friday, June 19, 2009

6/17/09 Villahermosa to Papantla. 360 Miles. 12 Hours

Head out of Villahermosa and headed around the southwest side of the Gulf Coast north. Crossed out of the state of Tabasco and into Veracruz. Planned on being in the capital, also called Veracruz in a few hours but between the usual couple of wrong turns and hundreds (literally!) of speedbumps before, in the middle of, and outside of EVERY city and town, I arrived in Veracruz in the early evening. Those fucking speedbumps man, It's definitely the thing I'll miss the least about this country. Sometimes you are just flying along and they pop up out of the blue and you nail them at highway speeds. They are a good opportunity to pass slower moving vehicles, but even that requiers you to speed up and nail them hard as well while going around whatever slow-ass, smoke-belching truck you are passing. As you can imagine, they also beat the living shit out of whatever vehicle you happen to be driving as well. So, I go through Veracruz and continue a scenic route along the coast and through the countryside before managing to make it to the small city of Papantla around 10 at night. Papantla is a gateway to several small Mayan ruins in the area and right next to the ruins at El Tajin which was the first set of ruins I visited on this trip when I first entered Mexico 3 months earlier. Again, got a cheap room, got cleaned up, and had a fitful sleep that night with the knowledge that aside from an Act of God, I would be in the United States before I hit the sack again no matter what.

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