Thursday, June 11, 2009

6/11/09 Caye Caulker

Woke up and got ready to head out on a 45 minute boat ride to Caye Caulker. It was a weird vibe where I stayed last night, a group of Russian and Polish travellers come in after 11 and start fighting with the owners about the price, make noise all night, use up all the water, and wake up at 5 in the morning and yell back and forth at each other all morning. Anyway, it was a great boat ride, very relaxing and soon I'm there. Met a nice Belizian girl named Keisha who was had been living in Bed-Stuy since she was 12 but visits back once or twice a year. I get off the boat and walk on to the tiny caye into a small hotel to pick up some postcards. Turns out they also mail them out for you, very convenient. When I find out I can also book a half-day snorkeling tour I had been thinking of doing which leaves in 20 minutes, I'm sold. The snorkeling is incredible, my first time. Im swimming over and around coral, tropical fish, barracudas, and stingrays which we can grab on to. Get back, have lunch and ice cream and walk over to the Split. The Split is a split down the center of the island which happened when Hurricane Mitch literally split the island in half 14 years ago. Now it's the local swimming spot and a cool place to hang. See some folks I know and swim around for an hour or so. One of them sees a tiger shark and grabs it. I decide not to stay the night and head over to catch the last boat back to Belize City. I've lounged on enough beaches on this trip and I've pretty much done what I wanted to do here, snorkel and swim a bit, and I don't feel like just hanging out just because I can. I'm more excited at the thought of being on the bike again and riding back into Mexico and up to the ruins at Tulum tomorrow. It's moving on the bike that has me even more excited than the destinations, partly because I know what it's like to be stuck without a ride and partly just because I'm excited to get home.

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