Monday, May 18, 2009

Leaving El Salvador, Worn Out From Travelling

So, I spent my last 2 days in El Salvador eating a lot of fast food, going to the movies, drinking, and ending up in dance and strip clubs with my friends at the hostal. It was a break from living in Guatemala and doing touristy stuff that I really needed. As I was walking around in the heat and humidity with Tim and Max, (a tall 18 year old English kid doing some travelling) looking for a museum and having no luck finding it, I became overwhelmed with the feeling of wanting to get the fuck out of C.A. and being back in my air-conditioned apartment with some delivery ready to appear watching some blu-ray movies on my couch. I was basically just really, really tired of day to day activities being such a major chore all of the time. From a 150 mile bus ride taking 2 days, to language barrier issues, to being REALLY sick of tortillas and local food, to feeling sick all the time from bad food, to disgusting bathrooms, hotels and hygeine to trash pretty much everywhere all over the place, I was pretty much ready to go the fuck home. I basically decided i needed to relax a bit and stop trying to cram in every sight I could. I did see the National Modern Art Museum though, and I'm glad I did. I took the next day to to nothing at all except eat and see Star Trek. Star Trek kicked ass, and I don't even like Star Trek. I didn't do a repeat of the debauchery of the night before and just turned in early. The next morning, my friend Tim stopped by my room, as he was headed off to Nicaragua and I was off to Honduras. Tim really became my travelling buddy and best friend on this trip and I'm gonna miss hanging out with him. We made plans to stay in touch and see each other in England or New york at some point. I then slept until 11 and headed to the bus terminal for the El Salvador/Honduras border. The bus was 85 cents and was 3 hours of shit. My ass never gets sore wherever I'm sitting, but the seat on this bus was torture, and I was crammed in next to a big fat lady breast feeding her kid most of the way. Got off at the border, crossed over pretty easily and was in Honduras. Changed some dollars into lempiras at a good rate and caught a taxi to the next town. Got a bus from there to La Entrada, a couple of hours from Copan Ruinas which was my final destination. This bus was much better, more like a Greyhound, not a 30 year old school bus. Enjoyed seeing Honduras for the first time. big, rolling mountains with well-maintained farms everywhere. seems like there was a lot less trash than Guatemala and the roads seemed to be much better as well. Got to La Entrada at 7pm and realized that I missed the last bus to Copan Ruinas and hour and a half away. It was like deja-vu from the El Salvador/Guatemala border experience I had. Once again, I should have just left earlier, as I now had to spend a night in this town. Which was a total piece of shit. Hot as hell, dirty, and only existing as a place to change buses. I had been ill in the morning and had not really eaten all day. Got a plate of charcoal broiled meat, pickled veggies and my only option was soda, couldn't even get water here. I pushed the tortillas out of the way and realized how long it has been since I had a really good, satisfying, and healthy meal with lots of fresh veggies. Head back to my 5 dollar hotel room and watch a movie on my computer. The room is really hot, much hotter than outside and I wake up constantly. I end up opening the door and throwing a sheet on the floor and sleeping there on top of the cool tile by the door opening. Oh well, I've heard Copan Ruinas is really nice and I'll be there tomorrow.

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