Wednesday, May 27, 2009

5/27/09 Still in Guatemala, Thoughts on Women, and a Fucked Motorcycle!

So, I'm sitting in Antigua again but this time I'm trying to figure out how to fix my bike and get out of here. I went to Xela for the weekend where I saw Guisela (a whole 'nother story) and on the way back the bike started cutting out. Luckily I was close to Antigua and able to limp home. After that the bike wouldn't start at all. The next day I discovered the airbox filled with gasoline, which I drained and then traced back to a carburator with the float stuck open. Damn, I needed to get this fixed and have the engine flushed. I got a tow from a local guy on his little 125cc motorcycle and a length of rope. The mechanic said later that I needed to get the bike to a local Honda dealer because he wasn't farmiliar with the bike. I figure this is going to be a problem, my bike has most likely never been seen down here, even by Honda dealers. Sure enough, I drop the bike off at the dealer and this morning and they tell me in so many words that they can't fix it. I'm actually starting to get pretty pissed off for several reasons. These guys should really be able to take care of this problem. So I'm sitting here typing and pondering my options. I may have to take the bike to Guatemala City 45 km's away to the big-ass Honda dealership there. In any case, it looks like I may be stuck here for a while.
On another note, I've also had some other things weighing on me having to do with the women and the temporary relationships that happen and inevitably end when I have to leave town. I feel like even though it was good to see Guisela this weekend I probably shouldn't have gone back to Xela as I already said goodbye to that place. I'm going to have to go home soon, why drag things out? I've been seeing people here in Antigua as well, and I've become especially close with somebody. Again though, it sucks in a way because I have to leave soon, and she lives in Europe although she is down here for several weeks. I've pretty much decided that I'm not gonna spend the rest of this trip looking for some kind of temporary relationships. It just sucks too much knowing things are not gonna last and takes a lot of energy that could be spent doing other more productive things. However, that is not to say that I think my time has been badly spent or that I haven't been enjoying things greatly. It's especially satisfying to finally be over the girl I was really upset about before I left for the trip. So anyway, I'm going to do something really different for me and go to a local orphanage today. My friend Tom is down here from San Francisco and doing all this charity related type stuff. Basically, I feel like a selfish dick around the guy because he is helping so many other people and I think it will be a cool experience. I asked what I would be doing there and he said that basically just showing attention and love is the whole point of the deal, so I guess I'll try to do that.

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