Monday, May 18, 2009

5/18/09 Copan Ruinas, Honduras and a Second Wind

So I wake up and try to brush my teeth. No water. Head to the bus stop. No bus. I am able to get a couple of bananas, a drink, and an egg sandwich however. The shuttle takes an hour to arrive and I'm off to the Mayan ruins at Copan, my whole purpose for being in Honduras. I get to the town outside the ruins, also called Copan Ruinas and it is really pretty. I get a room at the hostal Tim recommended for 5 bucks and it's really neat, clean, and spacious. Head to get some postcards and to the post office to mail them to my parents and friends, and it's closed 2 hours for lunch. I realize that the ruins are gonna close in two hours so I head over that way. The ruins are nice, but pretty small. After an hour I've pretty much seen it all. Very cool however, with great examples of Mayan heiroglyphics in the stone cloumns (stelae), and the Grand Staircase. Head back into town to the post office, and realize it's closed for some reason till tomorrow. Get back to the hostal, take a shower, brush my teeth, book a shuttle back to Antigua tomorrow, eat, and have a coffee while catching up on this blog and emails. Today I also got a second wind. I'm clean, well-fed and rested. I'm seeing and doing some amazing things that I'm gonna remember for a long time, especially when I'm studying in law school. I'm gonna stop being a little bitch and whining about what is in reality an awesome trip.

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