Saturday, May 16, 2009

5/14/09 In San Salvador

So I wake up in my new digs at the border and get the hell out as fast as I can. 2 buses, 3 hours, and 50 miles later I’m in San Salvador. It’s a big bustling city and it’s the first time in a while I’ve seen so many American businesses ( gas stations, 2 big malls, fast food places, etc.) I’m gonna enjoy some creature comforts from home while I’m here, that’s for sure. With the whole American dollar usage thing as well the place has kind of a bizarre vibe, like some kind of place the U.S. colonized and left recently. I walk around in the heat and humidity lost for a while, I stop at an Esso station and an English speaking local knows the place and gives me a ride over there. I check my email and find out that my friend Tim who I am supposed to meet in Honduras in a few days had a few problems and is actually staying at the very same place I am! A weird coincidence to be sure. The message says he has checked his email for the day though, so I’m thinking I may not run into him for a while. I shut down the computer and walk into the next room and him and a couple of other Brits are sitting right there. We start cracking up and catch up a bit and then me, Tim and Max, an 18 year old traveler about to start college in London head out to sightsee. We see most of the Central Park and downtown area and the I insist on heading back to the large mall beside where we are staying for some indulgence. Pizza Hut, Mr. Donut and then a movie are on the agenda and I enjoy every minute of it. The movie was Angels and Demons, subtitled in Spanish, and although the movie theater was modern, the film seemed to be a bootlegged DVD projected onto the screen! Good quality though, even though the movie was a little ridiculous. Get back to the hostal and meet up with the other guys and catch up on this blog. They all go out for a night of debauchery and I plan to meet up with them later, but I never get around to it. Oh well, Friday and Saturday night will be better for that anyway.

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