Friday, May 8, 2009

05/08/09 Leaving Xela/Random Thoughts

Sitting in an internet cafe in Panajachel, a town on the shores of Lake Atitlan, feeling a little sad to have left Xela yesterday, my home for 5 weeks. Im also planning the next leg of the trip including El Salvador, Honduras, Belize and the Yucutan. Was thinking of going to Cuba as well but Im gonna save that for next time. Congratulations to my sister for graduating medical school today, on my father's birthday no less. Speaking of schools, I finally commited to attending Hofstra Law School in the fall after a lot of back and forth emails and calls with various schools. I would rather have gone to a couple of others I got into, but it all came down to who gave me the most $, as it often does in life. I finished my Spanish classes last Saturday, thanks to my teacher Irene and all my friends at the school and in Xela (Juan Carlos, Rocio, Tim, Gaby, Paul, Josh, Doug, John) and all the other great people I became friends with. Im also gonna miss my homestay family (Esperanza, Gerardo, Ronnie, Jason, and Abuelita), thank you for having me in your home and making me feel like part of the family. Im especially going to miss Guisela, who I spent a lot of time with the past couple of weeks. I should give a little background here. I left the US a few months ago looking forwards to some time away from my life in poker. This included not only the game itself but everything associated with it the lifestyle, including the women in and around the game. So leave it to me to find a little underground casino near my homestay in Xela, which I may have frequented from time to time. It's also where I met Guisela, a dealer there. I've gone out with girls before whose first language wasn't English but never someone who spoke no English at all. Well, somehow we managed to make it work and we had a great time, especially on a little motorcycle trip to the beach in Champerico 2 hours away on the Pacific coast. Anyway, it was little hard to leave her, especially knowing that there is a pretty good chance I won't be seeing her again. Spent my last couple of days in Xela doing some sightseeing that I put off until the last minute, including the psychedelic, quasi-Catholic church in San Andres Xecul covered in bright colors with sculptures of snakes, saints, and jaguar heads. I also went through the town of Salcaja again to pick up the local semi-legal homebrew of "caldo de fruta" (a very sweet, very strong fruit-based liquor, given to me in an old Johnny Walker bottle) and "rompopa", an egg-nog like brew. My last day in Xela I spent with Guisela at Taco Bell (don't tell me i don't know how to treat a lady) and catching the new Wolverine movie. Too bad for me it was dubbed in Spanish, but I could tell it sucked in any language to be honest! Then to a local bar/restaurant where we met up with a few friends to say goodbye and then after that, some time alone with Guisela. We said goodbye a few hours later and although I was going to see her for a minute on my way out of town the next day, I decided not to draw things out. So, I guess I'm sad to have left my home for the past several weeks but I am feeling good about the weeks ahead as well.


  1. so when are you coming home? and do you know Mexico is tainted with a flu bug? I wonder if you were sick with it on your way down...

  2. um, i thought you are now immersed in espanol? you better not tell your teacher you didn't understand the movie! ;)