Sunday, March 22, 2009

Reynosa to Tempoal de Sanchez, 375 miles, 11hrs

At my hotel for the night. Private room with cable, bath, and parked my bike in the hotel lobby (not uncommon in MX) for about $10. Im poring over various maps and Im gonna make a detour to the ruins at El Tajin in the state of Veracruz and try to get to Oaxaca by tomorrow night. Left Reynosa at around 9:00am and made great time (for Mexico). Roads can be pretty bad here and combined with no night riding makes the daily mileage much shorter. Stopped several times to eat great food (tacos, pollo asado, tortas, Mexican salsa, and lots of cold drinks). The bill for a full meal is usually 3 to 5 bucks with tip. Almost ran out of gas again. Gotta remember to stop even more frequently in Mexico, the Pemex (state run) gas stations can be pretty far apart. Met a lot of friendly folks at food stops, took some pics. Got stopped twice by cops, just making sure I was legit. The first pair warned me not to take a shortcut to the next town which I did anyway. The road soon deteriorated into an unpaved, potholed messand in the middle of all this was the second pair of cops. One asked for money for coffee. What?! Sorry, no dinero and I took off pretty fast. Had crossed the Tropic of Cancer earlier and the unpaved road ended at the next town 40 miles later. Started to get dark and decided to push to the next town 35 miles away. Pitch black, animals wandering around, etc. Tailgated a truck all the way into the next town, Tempoal de Sanchez where i find a room. Im getting into a routine now where I ride all day until dark, get a room, clean up, go out and explore the town a bit, get some food, and come back to the room and write. Pics soon to come and also a primer on the intricacies of the unofficial Mexican rules of the road.

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  1. can i be teleported into your backpack? this is so awesome. my 89 year old great uncle lives in cali and got picked up by the mexican cops once...his new rule is "don't make eye contact with the federales" he swears it was the eye contact that got him...haha