Monday, March 9, 2009

Made it to Charleston..

...last night at 12:30am. 550 miles from MD to SC, the bike was running super smooth after being in storage for a year and a half, and for being a 24 year old bike. Left at 2:30pm and was outside of Richmond when the bike sputtered. Damn, out of gas after only 120 miles? Oh yeah, reserve tank, flip the switch and find a gas station. It's a perfect day and I'm enjoying cruising at a comfortable 80 mph. Stop to get gas again and a nice girl lets me have a coffee for free. This happens sometimes when riding a bike. I guess people want you to stay alert so you won't fall asleep and crash or something. Or maybe they just feel bad because of how one looks after riding for several hours. Either way it's very cool. Blaze through NC and SC and get to Cho's after midnight. Gonna chill here today and head to Atlanta tomorrow. Doesn't feel like a wild adventure yet, but still very enjoyable riding so far. I gotta see about uploading pics on here.

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