Wednesday, March 25, 2009

In Oaxaca

Things to do: 1. Replace brake pads. 2. Postcards 3. Go to Monte Alban and Mixtla. 4. Pick up some mezcal 5. Laundry 6. Catch up on blog, emails. 7. Buy Mom a dress. I wake up this morning and find the hostel I was looking for last night. It's a clean and friendly place with a good vibe and even though Im sharing a room for a little more $, I dig the place. plus it has free wi-fi, breakfast, an outdoor courtyard, it's spotless, and i have a chance to mingle with other travellers. Spend the day playing serious catch up on the blog and communication back home, visit the zocalo (town square), cathedral and other impressive sights and plan the next couple of days out. Ill go to the Zapotec ruins at Monte alban tomorrow, see the Museo de Santo Domingo and some other errands like laundry and replacing my front brake pads. they are going pretty quickly from all the mountain-induced braking. In the meantime Ive been sampling all the local food (fresh squeezed juices, barbacoa, ice cream, tortas, etc.) and just relaxing for a little while. after that on Tuesday I plan on going out to the ruins at Mitla and seeing El Tule (the world's largest tree0 and picking up some mezcal at a little town where it is famous for being made.

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