Friday, March 13, 2009

In Houston...

...from Atlanta, an 850 mile ride in one shot! 15 hour ride. This will be the longest ride of the trip. It's satisfying to test yourself like this but not something I like to do often. I left Atlanta at noon and was going to hang out with someone in Mobile, AL at the halfway point to Houston and stay the night but it didn't work out. It was 7:00 and 400 miles into the ride and I was wired so i said fuck it and decided to push all the way to Houston in one day. Also ran out of gas again but was lucky I was at the bottom of an exit with a gas station. Pushed the loaded bike uphill cursing but still feeling lucky and swore not to push the fuel stops as far apart. You see, most bikes have no gas gauge and even though mine does it messes up sometimes and gives false readings. So I gotta start paying attention to the odometer a lot more. I hit Louisiana and with it the rain started. Shit, I still have 300 miles to go and now it's pitch black and starting to get cold. I stop to put on rain gear and a heated jacket liner and I'm pretty dry and warm and able to go on. Still. the last 200 miles are wet and slippery and i lock up the back wheel and slide 17 miles from Bill an Mina's house but manage to keep the bike up. Arrive at Bill's at 4;00am and clean up and pass out. But not before I check my email and see that I've been accepted to law school at Hofstra and Rutgers. Nice

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  1. ok, lets not repeat this trip....congrats on hofstra and rutgers! maybe you've already chosen where you're going....i'm starting from the beginning :)