Wednesday, March 11, 2009

In Atlanta

Gerard chilling

Dirty ass clutch fluid sludge. Exciting stuff

Wattner hooking it up, broken limbs and all!

Mike's bikes

Mike's tricked-out Honda 650R

New mini-signals mounted, big broken signals off

Left Cho's house yesterday afternoon and arrived in Atlanta at 8;00pm at my good friend Gerard's extended stay suite. Gerard lives in Houston but is working in Atlanta during the week for several months. Met at a poker table in Vegas when our pocket aces ran into each other and have remained good friends ever since. Spent the night before wrenching with Cho on the bike. New turn signals in back, fixed the ones up front and installed a brake light modulator so mo-fo's can see me when I hit the brakes. Thanks for having me over man, it was good to catch up. So i've been keeping busy here. Went to the gym yesterday and today, important to keep in shape on the road and try to eat healthy as well. Managed to squeeze in a couple of movies as well, The International (ok) and The Watchmen (great fight scenes, pretty entertaining movie). What was really cool was meeting up with fellow advrider Mike a.k.a. Wattner who I had never met in person. Arrived at his kickass house on the middle of a golf course and was immediately greeted by several bikes in various states of modification. Mike is a great guy with several successful businesses all over the country with a real passion for bikes and traveling into Mexico. Mike took a spill a couple of weeks ago on his completely tricked-out Honda 650R and with a broken hand and ankle still managed to change my spark plugs, do a clutch and brake fluid change, adjust the rear brake, rule out needing a carb clean and some various other things I can't remember. In the meantime i surfed his computer in the garage looking for GPS Mexico map info. I am ashamed. To top it all off we went to eat lunch which he insisted on paying for and met his good friend Bob who is a computer whiz with a similar passion for motorcycles and dirt biking in Mexico. Because of them I will be going through the mountain town of Real de Catorce which I will write more about when I am there. Now I'm gonna crash and meet with Mike in the morning again for some GPS help and then make my way as far as I can to Houston, probably stopping somewhere in Mississippi for the night. Pretty productive two days and been keeping my mind on positive things, which had been hard for me to do for the past few months. Baby steps, that's cool.

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