Sunday, March 15, 2009

Getting ready to leave Houston..

..been raining for a few days straight here and cold also. Been busy tying up a lot of loose ends, errands, buying little knick-knacks and small things i need, coordinating the receiving of mail, phone calls, emails, laundry, etc. Still feels like I haven't really started this trip yet, evidenced in the lack of really interesting photos and commentary. I ve seen all of the places i've recently ridden through multiple times and have pretty much just blasted across the freeways making time and preparing for the real adventures ahead. I usually avoid freeways as they are boring but I actually enjoyed the constant high-cruising speeds and mostly good weather. I know I will miss smooth asphalt and high speeds on the crappy roads of Mexico and Central America. So anyway, I'll finish with some last minute things tomorrow, visit the Mexican Consulate to get a tourist card and vehicle import permit to speed up the border crossing process, download some mexico maps into my GPS and hopefully leave Houston tuesday morning. On a more personal note, I got accepted into St. Johns today and am still a little down about some things but I'm really looking forward to a few months in C.A. although it won't really hit me until I'm in the middle of it all. But I'm glad to be at the end of what has basically been a week of on-road preparation, althoough I've thouroughly enjoyed the this part of this trip as well.

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