Saturday, March 28, 2009

3/29/09 Puerto Escondido to Mazunte. 40 miles, 1 hour.

Short hop to the beach at Mazunte from Puerto Escondido today. Puerto was ok but really touristed out. That being said, it is still a beach on the Pacific coast of Mexico and really nice. Ended up staying in a cabana/hostel on the beach for 80 pesos and 2 nights. Went to a less populated part of the beach with Gaetan and Michaela and evened out the farmer tan and enjoyed the water. Back at the hostel it was a pretty chilled out night. I wrote in my blog, had dinner with a couple of other travellers and hit the sack. Today I got an early start and an hour later was at the beach at Mazunte. As i was turning off the main road, I was remembering this same turn-off from 4 years ago, and the encounter i had with a Mexican lady I met on the beach near here (my close friends know what Im talking about) and wondered whatever happened to her. Immediately found a private room for the best price yet, about $3.50! That's pretty damn good, even for Mexico. Immediately got changed and went to the beach for a couple of hours and the heat and the waves were intense, both kicked my ass pretty good. Met a trio of female travellers and struck up a conversation. One of the girls was especially attractive and is from Spain. I saw her a little later on and we talked some more. Usual stuff, where are you from, how long are you travelling for, etc. She pointed out where she was staying and said the restaurant there was good and I told herI would look for her later on. So we'll see what happens. later on i visited the Mexican Turtle Center which this town is famous for. basically it's a sanctuary for all marine turtles where they take care of and breed many species of sea turtle. Turtles are cool in person, Ive always liked them and had them as pets. Im now typing this up at an outdoor internet cafe and will soon go back to the room, exercise a little and head down to the beach to grab something to eat. My plans have changed a bit as well. Instead of going to San Cristobal, Im going to head along the coast and be in Guatemala in 2 days. Hopefully.

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