Thursday, March 26, 2009

3/23/09 Chilling in Oaxaca (sort of) 9;15pm

Things still left to do: take the tour to the ruins at Mitla, visit the Santo Domingo Cultural Center, get brake pads and wash the bike, and figure out how to be more effective in keeping up with the blog. The blog has become a almost like a job for me. Between bad and sporadic internet connections and long download times for pics, Im reduced to hand-writing a journal and transferring everything to the computer when possible. It's been taking up a lot of time and I need to at least start using Word when there is no connection and transferring it later. Im at a nice cafe in the Zocalo, people watching and drinking coffee. the weather has been perfect every day, usually around 80 degrees. I woke up early and caught a round trip shuttle to the ruins at Monte Alban for about $2.50. more impressive then El Tajin but not nearly as impressive as the ruins at Palenque where I was a couple of years ago. Back in the city I go to the Santo Domingo Cultural Center which is supposed to be incredible, but it's closed on Mondays. Duck in and out of internet cafe's trying to download pics and work on the blog as well as doing some major corresponding with my father who is helping me with all the law school info I need to take care of.. Stressful to say the least. When I settle in Guatemala and decide on a school my life will be less complicated. but like a guy in the hostel named Hugh said when he asked how I was and I replied "ok", he says "just ok? Man, you are in the south of Mexico!" Something definitely clicked when he said that. Ill make my way to Zipolite in a couple of days and spend most of the time chilling out at the beach. Spent the rest of the day unsuccessfully trying to chase down some brake pads, eating my ass off, wrting and typing stuff up, and lots of walking around the city. Gonna finish this coffee and head back to the hostel and crash out. Im gonna take an 8 hour tour tomorrow to the ruins at Mitla and the surrounding area. It's been nice to be off the bike for a while and have folks drive me around for a change.

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