Monday, March 23, 2009

3/20/09 Martinez de la Torre, Veracruz. 160 miles, 9 hours

Once again at my hotel at 11:00pm, same deal, same price, etc. Just ate some good-ass chicken, beef, cheese combo platter with tortillas, a drink and fixings for about $4.00 including tip. ive been taking advantage of all the great, cheap food here in MX, and between this and exercising in the morning and riding the bike all day, I feel Im in top shape. Woke up at 8:00am planning to hit the ruins at El Tajin and making my way to Oaxaca and looked out the window to some seriously heavy rain. Hmm.. I go back to sleep for an hour and it's still raining but a sliver of sky is showing and by the time I pack up, the rain ahas stopped. I decide to skip the ruins as they are east of where I am (Ill run into the rain that just passed), and decide to head straight south to Oaxaca and hit the ruins on the way home in a couple of months. At the crossroads, i look up, things look pretty clear and I decide to head to the ruins after all. Of course it starts raining. On and off again for 4 hours, which between the water, bad roads, small town traffic, and topes ( random speed bumps in every town), is how long it takes me to ride 100 miles! I hit El Tajin and there is some kind of mass hysteria going on, some kind of festival which i later find out is because the "voladores" are performing. These guys basically get on top of a 40 foot pole and tie their leg to a rope and jump of while spinning around the pole headfirst like a human tetherball. The ritual is particular to this area. Cops direst me to a parking lot and some kid charges me $1.00 to park and keep an eye on the bike. i think it's free to park but I'm ok with it. Pay about $3.50 to go to the ruins and to be honest they are pretty lackluster. Return to the bike and head out, but not before the kid (Jason) and his little dwarf/girl/friend (don't ask) explain to me about the voladores. I realize there is no way Im going to make it anywhere close to Oaxaca tonight so I settle for Perote 80 miles away with 2 hours of daylight left. Ha, I forgot I was in Mexico! I decide to take a "shortcut." Unpaved roads and animal trails through small villages, major potholes, and cattle everywhere. Takes me 3 hours, last hour in pitch black, but since Im in first gear the whole way, it's actually fun and i don't feel like im in that much danger because Im going so slow. I hit the highway 60 nmiles later and get a room and settle in to my routine. Clean up and find an internet cafe. Answer email and find out St. johns offered me a small scholarship and Hofstra offered me almost a full one! im really happy about this, the trip, and all my blessings but I gotta admit the girl-thing still stings sometimes. This trip definitely gives me time to dwell on random thoughts and self-introspection, not all of which is pleasant or healthy. Just trying to remember all the positibe in my life and also the fact that Im riding a motorcycle in southern Mexico motherfucker! Also, Im a pretty private person so Im still trying to figure out what things to say and how to say them in a public forum. it's all a bit confusing but Im diggin' it. Looking forwards to getting to Oaxaca and relaxing and catching up on stuff for a few days.

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